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We are BACK (again)

4/11/2012 10:59:28 AM

As everyone  who knows us can attest , Gary and I are huge fans of Jamaica for our all-inclusive beach vacations and have been to almost every resort on the island.  However, it has been years since we stayed at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay.  Since the resort has undergone renovations and additions, we thought we’d check it out for ourselves.

The 197 room resort is old world classic architecture low rise buildings located on 3 separate, small beaches.  The rooms have been renovated and updated with new furniture, bathroom fixtures and plasma televisions.  We were very pleased with all the upgrades and happy that the resort maintained a certain European elegance, with afternoon tea served daily.

The very best feature of this Sandals is the intimate feeling.  Staff and guests soon become friends for the week and know you on a first name basis.  We stayed for a week and had an ample variety of restaurants from which to choose.   The Thai restaurant on the private island (not the best food) but a great experience.  We found all the other restaurants to be very good and varied.  Very easy to catch the continuous van to Sandals Montego Bay to enjoy additional restaurant choices.

We think Sandals Royal Caribbean is a great choice for a shorter stay because of proximity to Montego Bay Airport,  about  a 15 minute drive. Yes, you can hear the airplanes taking off and landing, but not terribly loud like Sandals Montego Bay.   Also a great choice if you are staying at a resort a few hours from the airport  and book the last couple of nights at Royal Caribbean for easy departure.

We would highly recommend Sandals Royal Caribbean to our clients looking for a quality resort near Montego Bay Airport with many room choices and dining options. 


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