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Anthem of the Seas

2/15/2016 9:10:48 AM

Hello this is Karen Russo I am an outside sales agent for Pan World Travel for the last  25 years...I've been on over 40 cruises in my time and the Anthem was my most recent.  It was the second day of our cruise and a day at sea.  Shortly after noon I ordered room service and the Captain  announced that we might hit a little bit of rocking and to please use the hand rails.  The next announcement  was for all guests to return to their cabin as we were hitting some high winds and rough seas.  The cruise director then said all movies that were available on demand where free and we watched Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.  The ship was listing pretty good but I'm a seasoned traveler so I got a hot shower to relax and watch the Super Bowl.  The next announcement said that all drinks and snacks out of the minibar were at no charge which was cool.  The cruise director was on the bridge and gave us updates while the captain was working.  It was very interesting how he was trying to turn the ship into the wind.  Every time we were almost turned the wind would pick up and we would be pushed back.  I was never scared but my cabin mate was.  I said that I have faith in this vessel and the captain and the ship was state-of-the-art and was built to withstand high seas and winds.  The next afternoon they said it was OK to exit cabins and visit the bars as there will be an open bar for a period of time.  The captain announced there was another storm below us and he decided not to put his guests through another uncomfortable night and we would be receiving a full refund on the cruise and 50% towards our next cruise.  All of the food and service during this cruise was top-notch.  The Captain and his crew were wonderful and I consider him a hero in my eyes...  If this was a first cruise I can see people being totally turned off.  Once the storm was over the cruise was lovely and I am re-booking  the Anthem as soon as I get my vouchers from Royal Caribbean.  The ship was gorgeous, spotless and the food was excellent.  The entire staff was friendly and extremely professional.  I'm sure if I was interviewed upon disembarking Anthem they would cut my interview because I only had good things to say.  The media wanted to hear from the people trashing the cruise line because that is news.  I checked the weather before driving to the pier.  I saw a little storm and mentioned that Sunday we would rock a little bit no big deal.  By the time we sailed to that area another storm and joined up with it creating a freak storm.  Many people that work in the business said a winter storm like that off the coast of the Carolinas in February is unheard of.  I can't wait to cruise again.


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