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Extraordinary Cruises!


Your cruise ship is your floating hotel but you can visit many different places and only need to unpack once.  Your itinerary may offer port of calls for a few hours to a few days, leaving you time to sample the best of each port.  Destination choices are endless.

Cruise ships now have all the amenities you would expect to find in a hotel or resort like pools, spas, shopping, fine dining and great entertainment.  Larger cruise ships offer so many different activities that you might not want to leave the ship EVER!!!  Some of the newest features on cruise ships include rock climbing walls, ice skating,  surfing, zip lining, water parks, miniature golf courses, glass blowing and even a lawn area complete with trees to name a few.

Cruises include many amenities that you would pay extra for at a hotel.  All your meals, entertainment, daytime pool games and activities, are included.  Many ships have a separate program to keep the kids and teens busy while the adults get to relax.  Just think how much is included in a cruise that you would have to pay extra for at a hotel.  Certain upscale dining in specialty restaurants and onboard activities are at an additional cost.

Costs vary greatly depending on the length of the cruise, the cruise line, and the type of accommodation and the time of the year.  Peak times for cruising are holidays and times when schools are closed.  There are budget cruise lines, moderate lines, premium and luxury.  Each will give you a different cruise experience.  Pan World Travel will assist in finding the perfect cruise for you.



Some of Our Favorite Cruise Lines

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